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Janna Dodde – need more info

Here’s the information that I’ve found on the following website:

Derk Meijer, geb. te Muntendam 3 mei 1925, ovl. te Veendam 28 dec 1976, begr. te Veendam, Buitenwoelhof met: Janna Dodde, geb. 27 apr 1922, ovl. 9 aug 1992, begr. te Veendam, Buitenwoelhof

Any help regarding Janna Dodde ie who her parents were, etc. would be appreciated.



All Hallow’s Eve

What a night! It took Kara almost 4 hours to get five kids ready since all costumes were handmade. Josiah decided that he was too old to participate as well as wanting a $50 costume of Master Chief from Halo that his cheapskate parents wouldn’t buy for him!

Kara and the kids were gone for almost 2 hours and when they returned, the kids were hopped up on candy. The nice thing was they were asleep within a 1/2 hour and didn’t wake up for the rest of the night. Now that makes for a happy papa!

Here’s those pics I promised:

384 388 391

394 397

Eltje Doddema and family

My great-grandfather was Elzo Doddema, he married Elizabeth Wolthof.

My grandfather was Eltje Doddema, born 25 June 1885 in Muntendam, he married on 16 november 1907 Orselina de Vries, born 1 oktober 1888 in Muntendam.

Their children are:

  • Elzo Doddema, born 9 oktober 1907 in Muntendam, died…., he married Biefke (Bosma?), they became 2 daughters, Metty and Linie (probably from Orselina), Linie was married to Bé Scholtens, and she died some years ago in Oude Pekela
  • Harm Doddema, born 9 september 1911 in Muntendam, died 5 February 1912
  • Elizabeth Doddema, born 14 november 1912 in Muntendam, died….., she married Berend Bruining, they became one daughter, Lina (probably Orselina)
  • Dietje Doddema, born 20 april 1915 in Muntendam, died 4 november 1915 in Muntendam
  • Harm Doddema, born 7 december 1919 in Muntendam, died 3 July 2004 (my father)
  • Eltje Doddema, born 9 december 1923 in Muntendam, died 28 February 1927 in Muntendam

Hoping to find death dates and places for those that aren’t listed as well as dates and places of marriage. I’ve tried using Genlias to no avail on this.