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That is not “a pretty picture”. It must be scary to be so close to the fire. Over here in Europe we had some forest-fires too. Especially in Greece, there were several fires. One island, Peloponnisos, was almost completely on fire. 15oo houses were destroyed.about 70 people killed. 4 villages were entirely wiped away. People have lost their families, their homes and their jobs. Many of them owned olive-orchards, lemon-orchards or sheep. That all burned down. One village, Olympia, was saved. That is a historical village, it’s where the Olympic Games started. Several European countries have sent help, like helicopters and planes, that can extinguish the fires. There is one particularly sad story that I can not get out of my head: There was this mother with four children, they tried to escape from the fire in their car, they were found dead, the mother holding her children in her arms. The thing is, that had she stayed in her house they would all be still alive, because their house was among those who were not affected by the fire.

Well, that puts everything in perspective doesn’t it, and then I worry because my windows aren’t cleaned!


Dear Doddema’s

Last year cousin Bernard discovered Eltje and Geesjen. He has asked them a lot of questions about the family. But I am a little bit disappointed, because I am a familymember too and nobody asked about me. So I am going to introduce myself.


My name is Joiya. I am 5 years old and I am a beagle. I am proud to say that I meet all requirements of my breed. For those of you who don’t know what that means: I am very selfwilled, I like to follow my own nose, I am very fond of food and I like to cuddle up on my masters lap whenever he lays in his lazy chair.Eltje en Geesjen are very enthusiast about their newfound family. So I am too, imagine all the bones I can get when you all come to visit me.

Next time I’ll tell you something more about my days. For now I friendly wag my tail.