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Peterson’s in the house

Kavan, Sarah and Oona are visiting the next couple of days while participating in a friend’s wedding. What was supposed to be an informal get together by Kathy turned into one of her blow-out affairs. While normally not a big fan of those, I personally had lots of fun talking and just having a good time. Maybe it was my meds, whatever the reason I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Unfortunately, Oona hadn’t slept so we weren’t able to visit with her but we’re promised a visit before they leave at the end of the weekend.

Time Flies

It’s hard to believe that Oona is already 11 months. I think the only pictures I’ve seen of her were when she was born. Now, I’m told she’s walking…what’s next…graduating high school! It’s one of the downsides of family being so far apart. Just a taste of what others went through when we were in the Air Force over a thousand miles away.

Beginning of Summer move

Speaking of distance, our family will be moving to a new home at the beginning of June. Although only a few miles away, it’s definitely considered more out of town as it’s hidden away in the mountains. It’s an older home with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 car garage and what seals the deal for me…a hot tub on the back deck. It’s only a little more than what we’re paying now but well worth it. Another bonus is that will be kids on the block that we’re moving to as well as lots of Church members.

What’s next?

Hopefully a visit from Oona and parents. Preparing for our move, packing and such. Mr Papa moving the site over to his web server which should give DoddemGen loads of room to expand.

Comments anybody?

Of course, comments are always welcome and FREE! That’s right, you don’t even have to login to leave a comment. Comments are excellent ways to share your thoughts about the posts being written.

Thanksgiving madness begins

It’s only a week until Thanksgiving. While it’s supposed to be a time to be grateful for all that we’ve been blessed with, it’s also time for hair-pulling, shopping carts slamming into one another in crowded supermarket aisles and family. This year instead of having close friends over we decided to spend the holiday with Kara’s family. Originally it was supposed to be at her mother’s but it’s since been moved to our house. The maddening part is that we’ve just completely and I mean completely moved our house around.  All the kids have moved to new rooms and we’re just finishing up the cleaning. Imagine what we’re doing this weekend?!

So why is it being held at my house? Supposedly it’s more kid friendly.  Personally, I think it’s because of my new 42″ plasma tv but that’s just me talking. If the family only remembered that I’m not a football fan and would rather pull my eyelids over my head than watch it they might have reconsidered. Despite that, I’ve been helping Kara decide on appetizers, dishes served, etc.  To me that’s the fun part…helping plan the meal and watching it all pull together. Kara’s been making Thanksgiving dinner ever since we’ve been married so she’s only gotten better at it. Hats off to her!

So what am I thankful for? A wonderful wife that loves to cook and cook big, my family and the plasma tv to keep them occupied!

Grandpa Peterson’s Funeral

On Tuesday August 21, 2007 at 11:00 am at the South Ave. building (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)  will commence the services for Clarence Peterson.  Father of 3, grandpa to 7 and great grandpa to 9, he will be greatly missed.  Although he passed away last September (in California) of health complications, the family awaited for Grandma Peterson to move back home to Montana from California.

Every person who met and knew grandpa will always have an amazing story to tell about him.  His bravery, sense of duty to his family and those around him.  He walked boldly on this earth and fought to the very end.  His strong hands helped those who were struggling, fought off those who were in his way, but were gentle enough to knead bread on a Saturday morning, read the paper and sip coffee and give pony rides on his knee.  This is the grandpa I remember.

We all have moments in our lives that we can look back and reflect on what makes your Grandfather turn into Grandpa, or a Mother that turns into mom.  Take the time now to find those memories that makes your family important to you.   Even though it is hard to lose someone, I am proud to say I am a grand daughter of Clarence Gottfried Peterson.

You are Cordially Invited

What with the webhost change and the interesting loops that life throws at you, I haven’t been able to post the wedding photos until now.

Kaley and Justin were married on 22 July 2007. Kara’s aunt, Linda, used my camera to capture a little video for all those interested in viewing. This video has been blended from three separate files. First, my wife, Kara, and her brother, Kavan. My daughters, Abigale and Marijke are standing to the left. Next is my sister-in-law, Kristi, and whomever her escort is and lastly is my sister-in-law, Kaley and her stepfather, Tim Hammond.


If you have problems watching the video, please comment and I can post the individual files.  Here is the link to the photos that were taken during the wedding.  These are the ones that my family took so there will be more as time and other family allow.  Kaley’s Wedding Pics