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Wedding Bells soon to ring

Kaley and Justin announcementToday, Kara’s sister, Kaley Peterson will be wed to Justin Burke. Kara will be acting as bridesmaid, Kieran and Bridget along with their cousin Nevaeh will be flower girls, and Abby and Annie will make sure guests use the register (whatever that position is called). Pictures will be provided later tonight as time permits.

I’ve known Kaley since she was a young teenager. She was a wonderful girl with lots of dreams and hopes. Throughout her life, she’s accomplished a good majority of her goals except for singing with Reba McEntire but who knows what the future holds! I’ve long admired her for her drive, competitive spirit and desire to do what’s right.

I wish her and Justin the best. Please join me in wishing the new couple well in their future live together!

Following is part of the wedding announcement:

The parents of Kaley Marie Peterson and Justin R. Burke announce the couple’s intention to marry Aug. 4. Kaley is the daughter of Bill Peterson and Kathy and Tim Hammond, all of Missoula. Justin’s parents are John Burke of Missoula and Marcia Burke of Bonner.

Michigan relatives visit

I received a wonderful surprise two weeks ago. My aunt and uncle from Michigan came for to visit my mom and dad. Uncle Ben is my mom’s older brother while she’s the baby of the family. The last time I saw him was when my grandfather died.

20 years later, it was like time never passed. Yes, I’m married now with six kids but the familiarity, the kinship was still there. I’ve always loved and respected my Uncle Ben and, if anything, that feeling has grown over the years.

Whether I should attribute it to all the genealogy work I’ve done or getting older, I don’t know. I do know that I love my heritage and hope that I soon have an opportunity to visit the rest of my extended family in Michigan. It would be great to see all my aunts and uncles that I haven’t seen in years.

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