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School Begins

I am so excited about start school again. I am taking all online classes for the first time and so far, I am enjoying it. I just hope I feel the same way about it in a week or month from now!!! My husbands family and my family have a tradition coming up next month, Blizzard Ball. We play softball in the snow for the weekend of Feb. 10,11. We are very psyched about it and can’t to drink some beers and hit some balls!!!!!!!! Too bad there isn’t really any snow! That’s what is going on with the Norton Family. Kids are getting so big and Nevaeh is going to school. It’s amazing how fast they grow up. when you just have them, people tell you that all the time, but you never pay any mind to it, until they are already in school and graduating!



Baby news from Kavan and Sarah

Just received this email from Kavan, Kara’s brother. I hope he doesn’t mind that I’ve taken the liberty of sharing his message:

Hey everybody — Most of you have heard the good news already, but for those who haven’t yet I apologize for the late notice. The exciting news is that Sarah is a good five months pregnant and we found out yesterday that she’s pregnant with a healthy, lovely little girl.

And although I can’t possibly top that news we have a couple more exciting family updates — First, Sarah will be very happy to complete her Masters in Library Science this May, just weeks before the baby’s June 1st due date. And second, this is my last week at and next week I will begin working for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I will be a communications officer in the university’s public affairs office and also will begin working on my Masters degree in some yet-to-be-determined discipline probably involving public policy.

Best wishes to all of you for a happy New Year!


Kavan, Sarah and little baby PJ (Peterson-Johnson)

Congratulations, Kavan & Sarah. We look forward to hearing more from you in the next few months regarding this blessed event. Remember, Auntie Kara and Uncle B have lots of experience that you can rely on.

Christmas with the Doddema’s

Explore Strange New Worlds-Day One–We left for my parents on December 23rd. We figured with the possibility of us moving in a few months that we would spend a little extra time with family. The trip normally takes around 2 1/2 hours, depending on bathroom breaks, fights, etc.. Regardless of the season, it’s a beautiful drive through the mountains. We finally arrived in Trout Creek, Montana at the Trout Creek Motel where my parents had graciously lodged us for the next couple of night. The outside had been totally redone, giving it a rustic, outdoorsy look. Although the inside was pretty standard for a motel, what really made it appealing was that the manager had made my family a plate of home-made goodies–from cookies, fudge, etc. There was something with chocolate and coconut and that’s all I seem to be able to remember for a few moments. Along with the goodies was a Christmas card. Now that’s cool!


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After holiday labors

Whew!  It came fast and left even faster.  Before I knew it, the whole season had passed me by.  I’m still trying to get posts written, pictures uploaded with titles and descriptions, etc.  I did add a poll that really should say it all.

I’m hoping that Kavan and Sarah will take advantage of this forum to keep everybody updated.  I think I mentioned it enough during their short visit today!  :)  OK, maybe I shouldn’t do my own advertising!  Anyways, be patient and more will be posted in the next couple days.

Over the river and though the woods…

…to Grandmother’s house we go.  That’s right, for the next few days, the Doddema family will be staying at my parent’s house in Trout Creek, MT.  It’s only about 2 1/2 hours away, but I haven’t been there in about a year since it’s been hard for me to ride in a vehicle for any length of time.  My parents are making it somewhat easier by getting my family a motel room so I can relax when needed.

I’ll try to keep things updated while I’m gone.  I’ll be taking loads of pictures so be prepared for when I return.