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Moving weekend

It’s finally here.  We’ve waited the entire month for this moment.  The moving van should be at the house right now and members of the elder’s quorum are probably getting ready to head out to shoulder the heavy load that we have.  I’m hoping that the previous occupants of our new home are out and that they’ve somewhat cleaned up after themselves.  That remains to be seen.

The important thing is we’re moving.  It’s busy and I’m not going to be able to check often until early next week.  So don’t think I’m ignoring you.

I’d like to finish by welcoming Wiert Doddema to the website.  I believe he comes out to be my 2nd cousin.  Hopefully we lots more from him and his family.

Wish us luck in our move.  We’ll need it.

Peterson’s in the house

Kavan, Sarah and Oona are visiting the next couple of days while participating in a friend’s wedding. What was supposed to be an informal get together by Kathy turned into one of her blow-out affairs. While normally not a big fan of those, I personally had lots of fun talking and just having a good time. Maybe it was my meds, whatever the reason I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Unfortunately, Oona hadn’t slept so we weren’t able to visit with her but we’re promised a visit before they leave at the end of the weekend.

Time Flies

It’s hard to believe that Oona is already 11 months. I think the only pictures I’ve seen of her were when she was born. Now, I’m told she’s walking…what’s next…graduating high school! It’s one of the downsides of family being so far apart. Just a taste of what others went through when we were in the Air Force over a thousand miles away.

Beginning of Summer move

Speaking of distance, our family will be moving to a new home at the beginning of June. Although only a few miles away, it’s definitely considered more out of town as it’s hidden away in the mountains. It’s an older home with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 car garage and what seals the deal for me…a hot tub on the back deck. It’s only a little more than what we’re paying now but well worth it. Another bonus is that will be kids on the block that we’re moving to as well as lots of Church members.

What’s next?

Hopefully a visit from Oona and parents. Preparing for our move, packing and such. Mr Papa moving the site over to his web server which should give DoddemGen loads of room to expand.

Comments anybody?

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Visit with Renee

Given that Kara’s surgery was to take place in Salt Lake City, I decided to contact a good friend of mine and to the LDS genealogy world, Renee Zamora.  We’ve been emailing each other on and off during the past few years and I figured it would be an good time to finally meet face to face.  There are always questions that I have regarding genealogy and I knew that Renee would be the one to help.

After making sure Kara was ok at the hospital, I had my father-in-law drop me off at the Family History Library with laptop in tow.  The meeting was fantastic.  While I though it would be a mainly one-way conversation with her sharing her insight into the workings of genealogy, I was fortunate enough to share information with her regarding my website, web hosting, the awesome genealogy collaboration software I use on the site called TNG and trying to implement into CMS’s such as Joomla, WordPress, etc.

On the flip side, she taught me how to use censuses.  Yes, I know.  I should know how but I’ve never really used them as a genealogy tool before.  By doing so, I was able to find my wife’s grandfather’s family.  Although I had some information regarding that family, I didn’t know that they had boarders.  When her family was told about it, they mentioned that they remember Grandpa telling them how their parents opened their doors up for anybody.  This must have been one of those times.

All in all, everything worked out.  It might not have been an opportune time but it was the best we could do under the situation.

Kara’s cancer scare

It’s taken me a while to write this. We’re still recovering from the shock of it all. It still seems like a dream and definitely everything was a whirlwind.

Let me start at the beginning. Kara has always had this odd bump on her left forearm. It’s been there for at least as long as we’ve been married. We noticed it getting bigger in the summer of 2007 and getting more painful. She went to the doctor and was told that it probably was just a calcium deposit and take some tylenol. It wasn’t until November that she went to a specialist to find out why she was in so much pain.

The specialist became concerned after seeing the X-Ray and MRI results. To him, it showed all signs of a tumor. He sent the results to Salt Lake City and we waited about 3 weeks before we heard anything back. One we did hear from them, they immediately wanted us in Salt Lake for surgery. Continue reading

Found: Another Dodde line

I’m ecstatic.  Another family member has contacted me with information regarding our shared ancestry.  Haijo Dodde emailed me a little while back with some information and images.  As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t speak Dutch so I wrote Haijo back asking for a translation.

He responded back today with loads of information for our enjoyment.  A big thanks goes to Haijo and his family.  That’s right, Haijo is the proud father of three; the youngest just being born in Nov 2007.

Following is an excerpt from what he wrote to me.  I hope he doesn’t mind.

Through Google I noticed your website and I think it’s very interesting to look at the family tree of the Doddema’s/Dodde’s. My name is Haijo Dodde (1964). In the family tree my granddad is mentioned (also Haijo Dodde, born 1894 in Meeden, son of Hiltjo Dodde, born 1863 in Veendam). Maybe in the future I can send you more information for the family tree. By the way, I’m father of three kids. The last one is called Sam Dodde, he was born on November 18 2007, so maybe he’s the youngest member at this moment of our big family.

The documents I send you last time are pictures of the book of marriage from my grandparents (Haijo Dodde-Gerhardina Prins), child nr. 6 (Hiltjo Kasper) was my dad.

Greetings from Holland,

Haijo Dodde