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Passing of Nanny Staal

My dad recently notified me of the passing of Aunt Nanny.  Although she wasn’t an aunt per se, she was always part of our lives no matter the thousands of miles that separated us.  She always sent cards for birthdays and holidays.  Our love goes out to her family in the Netherlands.  May they know how much she touched us even in the States.

The information provided by my dad is listed below:

On Friday 16 November 2007 went from us my loving surrogate mother, our grandmother and great grandmother, sister, sister-in-law and aunt.


At the age of 90 years 

Wearer of the Medal of Honour Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel
USA:  Leni and Michael Loebenstein-Roos

Grand and Great grand children


                                    Sluis:  E. Staal-Haak

                                    Laren NH: I. Hidden

                                    Hilversum: M. Hidden-Klarenbeek

                                                      Nephews and nieces


Ruitersweg 99

1211 KV Hilversum


Correspondence Address:

Family Hidden

Rotsvlinder 9

4814 SE Breda


As per her wishes the funeral took place in a quiet place.

Thanksgiving madness begins

It’s only a week until Thanksgiving. While it’s supposed to be a time to be grateful for all that we’ve been blessed with, it’s also time for hair-pulling, shopping carts slamming into one another in crowded supermarket aisles and family. This year instead of having close friends over we decided to spend the holiday with Kara’s family. Originally it was supposed to be at her mother’s but it’s since been moved to our house. The maddening part is that we’ve just completely and I mean completely moved our house around.  All the kids have moved to new rooms and we’re just finishing up the cleaning. Imagine what we’re doing this weekend?!

So why is it being held at my house? Supposedly it’s more kid friendly.  Personally, I think it’s because of my new 42″ plasma tv but that’s just me talking. If the family only remembered that I’m not a football fan and would rather pull my eyelids over my head than watch it they might have reconsidered. Despite that, I’ve been helping Kara decide on appetizers, dishes served, etc.  To me that’s the fun part…helping plan the meal and watching it all pull together. Kara’s been making Thanksgiving dinner ever since we’ve been married so she’s only gotten better at it. Hats off to her!

So what am I thankful for? A wonderful wife that loves to cook and cook big, my family and the plasma tv to keep them occupied!

“Pass the Gravy”

As the season’s change and we say goodbye to orange hue trees desperately trying to keep ahold of their brightly multicolored leaves from the wind that whistles down the street. We celebrate the new arrival of the first snow of the year. We had a plethora of leaves in our yard this fall it was bittersweet to rake and shovel them to the curb! So much leaves even the neighbors down the street and casual street walkers would come down to our home and pick the red and orange leaves. The other houses on the street only had yellow leaves.As we get closer to gathering w/family and friends, remember to “pass the gravy” and think of the moments you’ve had this year that inspired you to be a better person and share those thoughts w/others.

Time for snow

It’s that time again.  Fall has come and gone.  Lately it’s been in the 30’s upon waking up and reaches maybe the 50’s by the end of the day.  Today it snowed.  Yes, it only snowed for about 1/2 hour but it snowed nonetheless.  The forecast for the upcoming week…cold…very cold.On a side note…I’ll be writing more than I have lately.  I’ve been on hiatus.  Due to the weather, I’ve been in lots of pain so it’s been really hard to do anything.  With the holidays coming up, I need to make sure to keep updated.   


That is not “a pretty picture”. It must be scary to be so close to the fire. Over here in Europe we had some forest-fires too. Especially in Greece, there were several fires. One island, Peloponnisos, was almost completely on fire. 15oo houses were destroyed.about 70 people killed. 4 villages were entirely wiped away. People have lost their families, their homes and their jobs. Many of them owned olive-orchards, lemon-orchards or sheep. That all burned down. One village, Olympia, was saved. That is a historical village, it’s where the Olympic Games started. Several European countries have sent help, like helicopters and planes, that can extinguish the fires. There is one particularly sad story that I can not get out of my head: There was this mother with four children, they tried to escape from the fire in their car, they were found dead, the mother holding her children in her arms. The thing is, that had she stayed in her house they would all be still alive, because their house was among those who were not affected by the fire.

Well, that puts everything in perspective doesn’t it, and then I worry because my windows aren’t cleaned!