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Follow Friday: Place Standardization and GPS

Two website that I’ve found extremely useful in the last few days have been GPS Visualizer and the new FamilySearch StandardFinder.  These are both gems!

GPS Visualizer

GPS Visualizer is super simple to use.  Just add the address, city, state, whatever and it will bring it up on a map – Google or Yahoo.  It not only finds the correct addresses but GPS coordinates as well.


StandardFinder lets you get that defined location.  Genealogists love details.  We thrive on it!  Place names are commonly broken down  into the following: city, county, state (province), country.  So Missoula, Montana (where I’m from) would be broken down to Missoula, Missoula, Montana, United States.  Where StandardFinder comes in is if you don’t know the full place name.  Like I said…a gem!

Hopefully these help you out as much as they have me!


Stay tuned for next Friday because I have one that’s going to blow your socks off!

Vogel Center Cemetery fun facts

There are times when researching can actually be fun.  Sure, I love finding out names, birth dates, etc. but genealogy is so much more.  Today was just one of those fun times.

Believe it or not, it all started with me updating my  new gallery.  I’m trying to move everything over to nextgen gallery (a WordPress plugin) and was adding descriptions so I had to open up RootsMagic v4 to get the information that I needed.  Since I just switched from Legacy to RootsMagic, I’m still trying to learn everything available to me.  One is adding the GPS coordinates just not for the place name but the place detail. Continue reading

Tombstone Tuesday – 23 March 2010

This Tombstone Tuesday brings an unknown.  Somebody (I wish I knew who) provided me with this photo of an urn.  I’m having problems reading it.  The only thing provided with the photo was “schoterhof”.  Does that mean anything?

So genealogy detectives,  the game is afoot.  Who is this missing relative?

[singlepic id=37,300,300,mode=web20,float]

Update 8 May 2010:

Along with the help of Henk Doddema, we’ve been able to figure out that her name was “Gonnie” Doddema.  She died in 2002 and was cremated.  Her urn is kept at the Yarden Crematorium Schoterhof in Heerenveen, Friesland, Netherlands.  She was married to an Oosterwerff but we have no further details.  Gonnie appears to be a nickname; again nothing concrete.

Please keep us updated on the mystery of Gonnie Doddema.


Wordless Wednesday 24 Feb 2010

This really isn’t as wordless as I would like but some background is most likely necessary for these photos especially considering this is for genealogy purposes.

It’s Christmas Day 1994.  I was in the United States Air Force Basic Training Camp at Lackland Air Force Base located outside of San Antonio, Texas.  Our TI (training instructor) was ever so kind enough to let us go to the Base Exchange (BX) so we could buy needed items such as soap, etc.  Several in my flight knew about the little photo booth located there so we all made notecards for our loved ones since we weren’t allowed to make phone calls at that time.

I think the photos themselves describe how I was feeling that day; being gone from my wife of only a year and our newborn son, only 3 months old.