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Tombstone Tuesday – Randall Dodde

From genealogy database:
Randall M DODDE was born on 30 Jan 1944. He died of suicide on 15 Oct 1992 at the age of 48 in Conklin, Ottawa, Michigan, United States. Suffered from severe depression. He was buried at McNitt Cemetery in Chester Township, Ottawa, Michigan, United States (Plot: Section A, 37-f). Randall served in the military U.S. Navy.

Thanks to Find A Grave for providing the grave marker!

Tombstone Tuesday – 23 March 2010

This Tombstone Tuesday brings an unknown.  Somebody (I wish I knew who) provided me with this photo of an urn.  I’m having problems reading it.  The only thing provided with the photo was “schoterhof”.  Does that mean anything?

So genealogy detectives,  the game is afoot.  Who is this missing relative?

[singlepic id=37,300,300,mode=web20,float]

Update 8 May 2010:

Along with the help of Henk Doddema, we’ve been able to figure out that her name was “Gonnie” Doddema.  She died in 2002 and was cremated.  Her urn is kept at the Yarden Crematorium Schoterhof in Heerenveen, Friesland, Netherlands.  She was married to an Oosterwerff but we have no further details.  Gonnie appears to be a nickname; again nothing concrete.

Please keep us updated on the mystery of Gonnie Doddema.