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NFS rollout resumes

New FamilySearch (commonly NFS) has had its ups and downs.  If you’ve been following its progress, you know that it has potential and future application.  It definitely takes genealogy to the next level for Latter-day Saints.  Right now, preparing names for temple work is painstakingly slow and inaccurate.  I use Legacy to prepare my records which even allows me to check Church records to see if work has been completed.  I then have to take it to the FHC (family history center) for the Windows application TempleReady which again checks to see if the work has been completed.  Unfortunately this check is at least 6 months outdated…and I did say at least!

The new version, which can’t even be called a new version but a total new way of doing things is all online.  Upload your family Gedcom, check against real-time work and pick the individuals that work needs to be done for.  You then print out a bar-coded paper and take it to the Temple.  Once scanned, temple workers are able to see what work is to be done at that time.  Simplicity at its finest.

Unfortunately, it’s hit a few snags.  It’s a big job and lots of temples to bring into play….over 100.  Rollout had stopped due to some technical issues but according to Renee Zamora’s blog…has begun again.  She even has a sheet with rollout dates which she keeps track pretty regularly.

I’m impatiently waiting for our nearest temple, Spokane, WA, to be added to the list.  At this time it’s undetermined when it will become available.  Until then, I’m stuck in the past.

Visit with Renee

Given that Kara’s surgery was to take place in Salt Lake City, I decided to contact a good friend of mine and to the LDS genealogy world, Renee Zamora.  We’ve been emailing each other on and off during the past few years and I figured it would be an good time to finally meet face to face.  There are always questions that I have regarding genealogy and I knew that Renee would be the one to help.

After making sure Kara was ok at the hospital, I had my father-in-law drop me off at the Family History Library with laptop in tow.  The meeting was fantastic.  While I though it would be a mainly one-way conversation with her sharing her insight into the workings of genealogy, I was fortunate enough to share information with her regarding my website, web hosting, the awesome genealogy collaboration software I use on the site called TNG and trying to implement into CMS’s such as Joomla, WordPress, etc.

On the flip side, she taught me how to use censuses.  Yes, I know.  I should know how but I’ve never really used them as a genealogy tool before.  By doing so, I was able to find my wife’s grandfather’s family.  Although I had some information regarding that family, I didn’t know that they had boarders.  When her family was told about it, they mentioned that they remember Grandpa telling them how their parents opened their doors up for anybody.  This must have been one of those times.

All in all, everything worked out.  It might not have been an opportune time but it was the best we could do under the situation.

Legacy 7 update

My good friend and friend to all genealogists, Renee, wrote a post about the newest addition to the upcoming release of Legacy 7.  I suggest reading her article but the basic gist of the message was that they are incorporating Microsoft Virtual Earth into the program.  This will allow users to associate locations with a map to track the events of an individual’s life.  Pretty cool.  I know TNG, the software that I use to display genealogy on this site, uses Google Maps.  If it looks half as good….I’d be happy.

Unfortunately it appears that web creation will not be given a makeover.  That’s too bad.  While TNG is a great piece for software, it doesn’t exactly integrate nicely with the rest of the site but that can be a post for another day.  Most know that I’m not a big fan of Microsoft which begs the question…why Microsoft Virtual Earth when there’s Google Maps and/or Google Earth?  It would be interesting to find out.

For those that want to read the article, please check the following: Legacy 7 secret is out

Another leap for Dutch genealogy

I’ve always been impressed with the Dutch and the importance they place on records.  As far as I know, they have one of the most comprehensive record database.  One such site, Genlias has to date almost 10.5 million records that contain information from over 43 million individuals.  This has been done by almost all volunteers (if any Dutch are reading this and can reveal more information, I’d appreciate it!).

December 20, 2007 marks another landmark event for genealogists interested in Dutch records and such.   Allegroningers will share information from the 17th century to the 1950’s, supposedly carrying all records such as birth, death and marriage.  What’s amazing about it is not only does it give the information but shows the backup documentation.  That’s awesome especially for those that for one reason or another cannot travel.

Another interesting tidbit about this database.  Individuals can contribute their own sources such as photos, stories, etc.  It looks like for these type of “personal databases”, members will have to pay a fee, which at this time sounds only fair.

Kudos to all those that have made this possible.  I’ll make sure to be online in a few days to check this out and see what it has to offer.

Many thanks to Eltje and Geesjen Doddema for sharing this information.


Another Doddema Found!

I’m a big Star Trek fan.  So big I’m a member of Starfleet International and belong to the USS Riverside chapter.  Currently, I’m the administrator there and still trying to make us the best website/chapter in the ‘fleet!  While researching some different possibilities, I discovered a new Doddema–Harry Doddema from Memory-Alpha, one of the premier Star Trek sites available today.

I contacted Harry and was able to get some information from him.  The family has given most of their information to Henk Doddema so I can’t wait until he returns from Africa so we can collaborate.  At that point, you should notice a big increase in names at DoddemaGen.  The guy has been doing research much longer than I have.

So if you like Star Trek, check out Harry’s site.  Harry, welcome to our global family!