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Gedcom update-3/26/2013

It’s been almost 4 months since my last gedcom update.  I didn’t take the time to compute how many documents or individuals were added but I can honestly say, it was not a small amount.  I plan on making gedcom updates monthly to reflect my work.

The main reason it’s taking more time is I’m also reconciling my records with the new FamilySearch FamilyTree as well as combining the many duplicate records that are out there…and there are many.  Some individuals had more than 6 records!  It takes a lot of work combining these records as well as adding all my sources as well.

Why do all this work?  I spend alot of my time working on this project.  It’s one of my life goals (besides being the best husband and father that I can be!) to have as complete a family history as possible, not just for myself but for later generations!  I try to be as thorough as I can.  Heck, I’m still learning and fixing mistakes I’ve made myself in the past 20 years.  Family history is a continual learning curve.  Take that and add all the FamilySearch submissions and you have a handful!

By taking the time now, adding my sources and reasons why I believe my information is the most correct should ensure less mistakes in the future.

How can you help?  Be patient as I work.  Pray for me.  Ask questions!  Send more information my way including photos of significant events.

Vogel Center Cemetery fun facts

There are times when researching can actually be fun.  Sure, I love finding out names, birth dates, etc. but genealogy is so much more.  Today was just one of those fun times.

Believe it or not, it all started with me updating my  new gallery.  I’m trying to move everything over to nextgen gallery (a WordPress plugin) and was adding descriptions so I had to open up RootsMagic v4 to get the information that I needed.  Since I just switched from Legacy to RootsMagic, I’m still trying to learn everything available to me.  One is adding the GPS coordinates just not for the place name but the place detail. Continue reading

Genealogy Update – 31 Jan 2009

Finally uploaded all the names that Tjerk and Ronald Doddema sent me.

  • Previous
    • Individuals: 3948
    • Families:       1667
  • Current:
    • Individuals: 3969
    • Families:       1679

This comes out to an additional 21 individuals and 12 families.

A big thanks goes to them.

If you find any errors or would like to contribute to the DoddemaGen project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Welcome Jan Doddema

This week I received an email from my 6th cousin once removed, Jan Doddema.  If I’m right, he’s also the father of Harry Doddema, one of my heroes for having the most comprehensive Star Trek website but I digress.

I’d share his email with you but alas, it contains living information and that’s a road I just will not take.  It will be posted to forum’s living section which is locked to all but members.

Thanks Jan for your help.  The DoddemaGen project marches on!