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Stargate rocks!

In 1994, a little movie came out called Stargate that starred James Spader and Kurt Russell.  Although met by mixed reviews, it was intended to be just a part of a trilogy.  Three years later, work began on the television series Stargate SG-1.  Ten seasons and 2 made for DVD movies later, SG-1 is still going strong.  I’m not going to go into too much detail about the movie or episodes except to say that if you haven’t seen the movie…watch it!

Why write this article?  In March 2008, I said that I was going to start watching Kyle XY as the series looked like it had promise.  Unfortunately, I never got around to it.  I started to watch the first season of SG-1 by myself but kept pulling my wife in by telling her she had to watch certain episodes.  Soon, she was as hooked as myself.

We were renting them from our local video store until they closed…and we freaked.  Hastings didn’t offer the series at all unless we wanted to pay $40 per season.  Netflix would just be too slow for our fix.  Hence a trip to Costco where we found all seasons for the price of $20 per season! (for a SciFi production that’s an amazing price)

We’re now on season 9 and are continually blown away by the scope of the SG-1 universe that’s been developed.  Here’s a short clip of the opening scene.  If you have the time and desire, watch the series.  It gives a fascinating look into Earth’s mythos.

Star Trek Manga #3

Star Trek Manga #3Coming to a store near you in July 2008 is the third installment of Trek Manga entitled “Aratanaru Michi e, Uchu lit. “To a New Path”, “Space”

Although not a big fan of manga, I love the way they do Trek. If you haven’t read the first two….you’re missing out! The second volume even included work by Wil Wheaton. I hated him as snotty Wesley but as an author…he’s great! He has a real handle on what’s Trek.

For a quick preview of what’s going to happen in this latest volume:

The Voyage of the Starship Enterprise Continues…TOKYOPOP delivers new manga-style stories of the classic U.S.S. Enterprise crew in this third installment of the Star Trek the manga series. In Uchu: David Gerrold (writer of the famous “Trouble with Tribbles” episode) brings us a rumpus on the Enterprise as the mysterious, teddy bear-like creature Bandi runs amok with a pretty virulent vibes. Wil Wheaton returns with a Klingon confrontation that may test Kirk’s resolute hatred of them. Nathaniel Bowden brings us a society in which bureaucrats run wild. And Luis Reyes tries to glimpse the softer side of Spock. Stories include: Art of War (Story by Wil Wheaton and Art by E.J. Su), Inalienable Rights (Story by Nathaniel Bowden and Art by Heidi Arhnold), Bandi (Story by David Gerrold and Art by Don Hudson), and The Humanitarian (Story by Luis Reyes and Art by Nate Watson)

Remember to pick it up in your local comic shop in July!

Kyle XY…another series to watch?

kylexy.jpgI’ve been intrigued by all the advertisements for the ABC Family show, “Kyle XY”. So instead of renting it, I just watched it from their website. It worked very well…no visible slowdown or catches or anything. I think maybe 2 commercials and a little pixelation issues but otherwise stupendous.

As for the show. Usually the first episodes of new series are seriously lacking. Not so with this one. It’s intelligent, humorous and weird. Weird in a good way though. Maybe it’s because I’m a father myself but I almost want to take him under my wing myself. It’s either the writing or the acting or the combination of the two that are what make it believable. It’s like watching my children growing up but in an accelerated manner.

So what does this mean for me? I guess I’m adding another series to my current list which includes Stargate SG-1, Charmed, 24, Star Trek: Voyager. Fortunately, I don’t have to rent these since it’s all online. Thank goodness for modern technology.

Bourne…movies better than books

Usually, I’m a big fan of books over movies.  I don’t mind the movie adaptation but I always find the book more engrossing.  Until I started to read the Bourne books.  Oh my gosh, I was bored.  Ignore the fact that the movie is loosely based upon the book and that’s probably because it’s so boring to the casual reader.  The author rambles on about so many characters in the beginning that my head spins.  Now I know it just might be my medications that are at fault but I think not.

I’ll just try my hand at some other author in that genre.

Too hot to handle

InfernoHave you read the latest installment of Star Wars? Wow! Words are hard to describe what I felt in that book. I was frustrated, scared crapless, angry, and at one point wanted to throw the book against the wall and vow to never read a SW book again. Why?

It’s just that good. Believe it or not, this was the sixth volume in the mega series entitled Legacy of the Jedi. It keeps getting better as time goes along. Unfortunately I have to wait until November for the next novel to come out.

Until then, I’m going to dream of Luke kicking the crap out of his nephew!