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Gedcom update-3/26/2013

It’s been almost 4 months since my last gedcom update.  I didn’t take the time to compute how many documents or individuals were added but I can honestly say, it was not a small amount.  I plan on making gedcom updates monthly to reflect my work.

The main reason it’s taking more time is I’m also reconciling my records with the new FamilySearch FamilyTree as well as combining the many duplicate records that are out there…and there are many.  Some individuals had more than 6 records!  It takes a lot of work combining these records as well as adding all my sources as well.

Why do all this work?  I spend alot of my time working on this project.  It’s one of my life goals (besides being the best husband and father that I can be!) to have as complete a family history as possible, not just for myself but for later generations!  I try to be as thorough as I can.  Heck, I’m still learning and fixing mistakes I’ve made myself in the past 20 years.  Family history is a continual learning curve.  Take that and add all the FamilySearch submissions and you have a handful!

By taking the time now, adding my sources and reasons why I believe my information is the most correct should ensure less mistakes in the future.

How can you help?  Be patient as I work.  Pray for me.  Ask questions!  Send more information my way including photos of significant events.

Tighter integration between WordPress and TNG

Since I’ve been using WordPress, (blogging platform of choice),  with TNG (online genealogy collaboration) integration has been a pain with site owners having to modify themes to give the appearance of working together.  Unfortunately this didn’t help with the sharing of user databases.  4:14 is trying to rectify that problem.

The TNG/Wordpress plugin  is the first of its kind trying to bring tighter integration between WordPress and TNG and even allows for user database sharing.  According to the site:

You can optionally sync logins between TNG and WordPress. If you turn this option on, all logins are handled by WordPress. Whenever a user attempts to login, the plugin checks both the WordPress userlist and the TNG userlist for login credentials and if the user only exists in WordPress, a record is also created in TNG, and vice-versa. If a new user registers, the plugin creates the user in both databases. If a user is deleted, they are deleted from both databases.

While I’m currently having problems with the plugin, the author is more than willing to help me fix the issue.  If it works correctly, I can see more people using the two platforms together.  DoddemaGen  members should be able to see the new plugin in action soon by following DoddemaGen Database.  Stay tuned for more information.