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Any news relating to the website and its various components.

Testing Gallery2 and WPG2

755 I’ve finally completed reinstalling Gallery2 from scratch. Yes, from scratch. It appears that there was an issue with Gallery2. So now let’s see if works.

Update (4/4/2007): And it does!!! Yeah. Now for the fun part of modifying files to work with this theme. I also love the new AJAXIAN theme that’s available from Gallery2. I’m hoping that can be implemented on this site. Hint, hint. Now who could I get to help me? Continue reading

Change is Good

I know many fear change.  Me, I just embrace it.  Prepare yourself to be embraced.  Although, I’ll be continuing to keep the family updated, I’ll be working on a new theme for our site.

When will it be out?  Hopefully, within a month.  Alongside keeping DoddemaGen going, I’m also working on getting the USS Riverside site ready for next month as the Riverside becomes a full-fledged chapter of SFI.  Exciting times, indeed.

So, keep checking in.  You won’t be disappointed.  Of course, I always look forward to hearing how others in our family are doing, extended family included.  If interested, post a short message about how you’re doing.  I’m not looking for a book, it’s a blog, remember!?

Whole lot of change going on

Many of you that have been following this site since its inception in late July/early August know of the many incarnations of DoddemaGen.  Ease of use, ability to customize, benefit to the user and more are considered before any changes are made.  Nothing is done by halves around here!

I’ve added a few more plugins that maybe you haven’t noticed (some were just updates) but one I think important enough to mention is the “Notification” plugin.  Now, you have the option to automatically receive an email when a new post or comment is posted.  To do so, login and go to your profile.  At the bottom left, you will see a drop-down box with the options.  Save and you’re ready to go.

I’ve added the pages widget again but still debating if I need this with everything in the navbar.  Do you have an opinion?  Of course you do!  What’s your take on this site?  Use the poll, comment or contact me and I’ll get back to you!

After holiday labors

Whew!  It came fast and left even faster.  Before I knew it, the whole season had passed me by.  I’m still trying to get posts written, pictures uploaded with titles and descriptions, etc.  I did add a poll that really should say it all.

I’m hoping that Kavan and Sarah will take advantage of this forum to keep everybody updated.  I think I mentioned it enough during their short visit today!  :)  OK, maybe I shouldn’t do my own advertising!  Anyways, be patient and more will be posted in the next couple days.