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WANTED…Willem Jans Doddema birth record

Willem Jans Doddema was born 20 May 1792 in Meeden, Groningen, Netherlands to the parents of Jan Geerts Doddema and Elke Berends van Oosten.  Willem was christened on 3 Jun 1792 in Meeden, Groningen, Netherlands.  He married Grietje Filippus Buurmeijer on 28 Nov 1813 in Zuidbroek, Groningen, Netherlands.  He later died on 19 May 1856 in Zuidbroek, Groningen, Netherlands at the age of 63.

Although I have looked in both Allegroningers and Genlias, I have not been able to find his birth or baptism certificate.  Anybody have an idea where I can look?

Looking for Hindrikje Bekkering birth info

Hindrikje Bekkering was born about 1827 in Veendam, Groningen, Netherlands.  She is the daughter of Frans Friedrichs (or Frederiks) Bekkering and Elsjen Willems Sijtses (or Turk).  Her parents were married 30 Nov 1826 in Zuidbroek.  Hindrikje later married Geert Dodde on 20 Nov 1852 in Veendam.  She died 22 Nov 1900 in Kibbelgaarn.

Would anyone be able to me find her birth information?  I’ve check Genlias and Allegroningers but haven’t found anything as of yet.

Looking forward hearing from you!


Who is Nantko Dodde?

I found a marriage record for Nantko Dodde and Henderika Branbergen (m. 2 April 1931 in Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands) but I’m having trouble finding the birth record of Nantko.  According to the marriage record, he was born around 1906-1907.

Any help would be appreciated!

The record follows:

Huwelijk 02-04-1931   Groningen
Bruidegom Nantko Dodde, bruidegom 24 jaar, schipper

Geboren Harlingen
Vader Nantko Dodde, schipper
Moeder Bouwina Nanninga
Bruid Henderika Branbergen, bruid 23 jaar

Geboren Hoogezand
Vader Geert Branbergen, schipper
Moeder Wilhelmina Bontekoe
Bron Huwelijksregister Groningen 1931
Aktenummer 138

Tombstone Tuesday – 23 March 2010

This Tombstone Tuesday brings an unknown.  Somebody (I wish I knew who) provided me with this photo of an urn.  I’m having problems reading it.  The only thing provided with the photo was “schoterhof”.  Does that mean anything?

So genealogy detectives,  the game is afoot.  Who is this missing relative?

[singlepic id=37,300,300,mode=web20,float]

Update 8 May 2010:

Along with the help of Henk Doddema, we’ve been able to figure out that her name was “Gonnie” Doddema.  She died in 2002 and was cremated.  Her urn is kept at the Yarden Crematorium Schoterhof in Heerenveen, Friesland, Netherlands.  She was married to an Oosterwerff but we have no further details.  Gonnie appears to be a nickname; again nothing concrete.

Please keep us updated on the mystery of Gonnie Doddema.

The Story of Anje Jans

The year is 1745.

Jean Jacques Rousseau is 33 years old, Voltaire is 51, Carl Linnaeus 38 and Benjamin Franklin 39.  The author of Gulliver’s travels, Jonathan Swift died.  In England king George II ruled. Bonnie Prince Charley came to Scotland to claim the English throne, but was defeated at Culloden the year after. In France king Louis XV sat on the throne, in Austria empress Maria Theresia and in Germany the philosopher-king Fredrick II.  In the United Dutch Republics the people called for a prince of Orange-Nassau, who was invited to become the ‘stadtholder’ under the name of Willem IV in 1747. Continue reading