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Apologies to Jeannette Bakker

It appears there has been a genealogy goof.  Most of the information on my site has been submitted to me by many others.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t grasped the intricacies of sources so I don’t know who provided the data.  The problem: my records say that Jeannette Bakker is dead.

Jeannette Bakker herself corrected this error by sending me an email.  I’m happy to say that she was polite about it.  I don’t know if I would have been.  I apologized profusely and if you’re looking at this Jeannette, again I apologize.

I extended this invitation to Jeannette just as I’m extending this to you: if you notice any errors on my site, please feel free to submit corrections. I would really appreciate it.  My goal is to have accurate and reliable information.

Searching for Ellie Doddema has a death record for Ellie Doddema.  Nowhere in my research do I find this name?  Anybody?

Here is the available information:

  • Birth: 9 Feb 1912
  • Death: 27 Mar 1913
  • Cemetery: Lincoln Township
  • Level info: Grundy County Iowa Grave Records

On a sidenote, all genealogy forums have been open to limited guest access for those without registration to allow for more participation in the forum.

Comments have been closed.  All responses will be forwarded to the correct forum.

Found Nico Ros

This is another email that I received through the website.  DoddemaGen must be more popular than I thought!

With her permission, the email reads:

I am a grandson of Jantina Doddema (born: 2-11-1900). I can tell you that she was married with Roelof Ros. She died at the age of 73 on 27 april 1974. She is buried at the cemetary in Wildervank (the Netherlands). Her parents Steven Doddema and Aaltje Bosscher are also buried there.

I have a picture of around 1917 of them with their 5 daughters.I have several old pictures of mij great-grandparents and their daughters.

Greetings Nico Ros.

I’m really excited to hear that our family is looking for more information on one another.  Hopefully this site will become a focal point and a central repository of information, news and such for the Doddema’s as I envision.  I’m looking forward to the future of DoddemaGen!  Exciting times are ahead.

Welcome Nico.  We hope to hear more from you!

Where’s the Doddema?

Sort of like Where’s Waldo but with a Doddema twist.  Looking for a certain Doddema….list it here.  Hopefully, people will write in and share what they know.

To kick it off, here’s the lucky ones we’re looking for.

Where’s Jared and Jillian Doddema?

From doing Google search, it appears that in 1999 Jared was a sophomore at Iowa State University (ISU) studying horticulture.  In 1997, Jillian Doddema finished 6th in the 800 meter run for Central Missouri.

So, let’s help find these missing relatives!

Coming to America–54 years later

The first of October 1953 we set foot on American soil. Gosh it was hot. It was 95 degrees in the shade and, of course, we had on our fall clothes as it had started getting cooler in the Netherlands and there was an 11 day trip on the Atlantic Ocean to deal with.  Dad and I slept in the hold in what looked like a barracks on bunks that were stacked 2 or three high. Mom and Etty had a litle room on one of the lower decks. The room was just large enough for mom’s bed and a trundle bed for Etty.

Our last meal was the morning of the 1st when we ate breakfast on board the SS Sibajak (the boat we arrived on). Mom, with a lot of foresight, grabbed a few apples and bananas that she hid in her purse. We were not allowed to take food off of the ship. The ship had docked in Hoboken, NJ. The men on the ship helped the ship’s crew unload some of the crates with belongings as there was a dock strike. I remember seeing several crates floating in the harbor. Lucklily, ours were not among them. We had 2 crates that were a little larger than the foot lockers that were used in the service. As a matter of fact one of the crates was a foot locker that my grandfather and dad both used in the Dutch military. I still have that footlocker.

We were processed off of the ship by customs agents and Immigration. Once off of the ship, there were folks from the Ditch Immigrant Society that assisted us to make sure that we got on the proper bus to take us to Grand Central station in New York City.  Once at the station we had to wait until it was time to get on our train. What a mess. Luckily, the Dutch Immigrant Society was there again to assist. We got on the train and departed New York City at 6 pm.  We traveled coach of course.  All the tickets werre purchased ahead of time as when we got to the U.S. Dad had a dollar in his pocket.  We shared some of the fruit that mom had stashed and tried to sleep as we would not get to Kalamazoo, Michigan for quite a few hours. It would take until 10 am the next morning.

My mother’s sister, Grace (Grietje) and her husband Bill (Willem) met us at the train station in Kalamazoo.  We were promptly initiated to a hamburger and soda pop before we made the 30 mile trip by car in Uncle Bill’s 1948 Kaiser to Decatur where Uncle Bill and Aunt Grace had a farm.