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Looking for those long-lost relatives? This is the category to use.

Where’s the Doddema?

Sort of like Where’s Waldo but with a Doddema twist.  Looking for a certain Doddema….list it here.  Hopefully, people will write in and share what they know.

To kick it off, here’s the lucky ones we’re looking for.

Where’s Jared and Jillian Doddema?

From doing Google search, it appears that in 1999 Jared was a sophomore at Iowa State University (ISU) studying horticulture.  In 1997, Jillian Doddema finished 6th in the 800 meter run for Central Missouri.

So, let’s help find these missing relatives!

Contacted by Dodde’s

Interesting turn of events. I’ve recently been contacted by Robert and Jennifer Dodde pertaining our common ancestor, Egbert Dodde. Egbert is my 4x cousin twice removed.

I’m still waiting their replies regarding additional information such as dates, locations, names, etc. but I think I may have hit on a jackpot here. I also did a quick Google search and found another site that had information on the Dodde name but I’ll save that for another time.