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Need headstone photographs

First off, I’m not trying to be disrespectful. Headstones are wonderful “tools” for tracking genealogy. Believe it or not, it gives me a sense of peace to know that they’re there. It’s something concrete that I can rely on. It makes it more “real” to me.

If you find that you have photographs or know that I’m missing one, please send them to me so I can include them in the album that I have in the Gallery.

Searching for…Kirsten Doddema

Another item I found on was a reference to a worker named Kirsten Doddema. It appears in the late 1950’s she worked on a few boats going to Venezuela and Aruba. Anybody have any idea whom she is and who she’s related to?

Send me whatever you got! I’d be interested to learn more about her.

Here are some document images that I was able to obtain with the help of Mr Papa and

2315 2311

Looking for more information on Elso (Elzo) Doddema

Every once in a while, has one of those freebie trials that they like to parade around. I took advantage of it this time and was pleasantly surprised to see that they’re were a few Doddema’s listed. What excited me the most was seeing the passenger list with my father’s name on it when he arrived in America! Now that’s cool. Of course, since I don’t have a membership, I can’t save the document but I plan on taking a trip to the Family History Center and using their access to get the records. Aha! Continue reading

Children of Geert Claasens and Anje Jans

“Gedoopt 2 Augustus [1753] Derk, zoontje van Geert Clasens en Anje Jans, ehel. op de Meden. (Baptised on the 2nd of August 1753, Derk, little son of Geert Clasens and Anje Jans, spouses in Meeden).

“Gedoopt den 9 dec. 1755 het kind van Geert Klasen en Anje Jans, ehel. op de Meden, geboren op 23 nov. en genaamd Jan. (Baptised on the 9th of December 1755 the child of Geert Klasen and Anje Jans, spouses in Meeden, born on November 23 and named Jan).

“den 3 oct. [1757] het kind van Geert Klasen en Anje Jans, ehel. op de Meden, geboren de 1 October en genaamd Berend. (the 3rd of October 1757 was baptised the child of Geert Klasen and Anje jans, spouses in Meeden, born on October 1 and named Berend).

“den 10 jan 1762 gedoopt 2 kinderen van Geert Klasens en Anje jans, ehel. op de meden, geboren 7 jan. en genaamd Roelf en Willem. (On the 10th of january 1762 baptised 2 children of Geert Klasens and Anje jans, spouses in Meeden, born on january 7 and named Roelf and Willem).

This information was compiled by Henk Doddema. I’ve lost contact with him in the last few years but hope to get with him again to see if he has more information.

Janna Dodde – need more info

Here’s the information that I’ve found on the following website:

Derk Meijer, geb. te Muntendam 3 mei 1925, ovl. te Veendam 28 dec 1976, begr. te Veendam, Buitenwoelhof met: Janna Dodde, geb. 27 apr 1922, ovl. 9 aug 1992, begr. te Veendam, Buitenwoelhof

Any help regarding Janna Dodde ie who her parents were, etc. would be appreciated.