52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History – Toys

My favorite toy was probably when I was around 10 when for Christmas I received Rom, a Space Knight!  Oh my gosh, I thought he was the coolest thing going!  He had these attachments that would light up, make noises and just looked awesome.  Believe it or not, Rom and R2-D2 were great friends; they went on many adventures together.

I’m including a video below that I found from when Rom was first released.  Yes, it’s a cheesy commercial but that’s from my youth and it brings back good memories!

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Weekly Tweets on 2011-01-30

  • Bridget doing much better after last night's run to er! On the mend; now to get rid of my migraine! #
  • Finally to bed; kara starts new semester and I'll be working on pictures and blog today; fun times! #
  • Will post interesting finds tomorrow; too tired to do so now #
  • Done with costco; quick lunch then home! Yippee!! #
  • @LitHousewife what's your secret? in reply to LitHousewife #
  • Finished with Star Trek, by David R. George http://goodreads.com/user_status/show/4827293 #
  • 5 of 5 stars to The 7 by Glenn Beck http://bit.ly/eod55j #
  • 2 of 5 stars to Star Trek by David R. George http://bit.ly/enitZb #
  • 5 of 5 stars to Taliesin by Stephen R. Lawhead http://bit.ly/epnW4L #
  • 5 of 5 stars to Merlin by Stephen R. Lawhead http://bit.ly/fxI1tU #
  • I'm #reading Arthur by Stephen R. Lawhead http://bit.ly/gkIjN1 #
  • Need to redo blog categories but having fun figuring it all out! Just a continual process until I get it right! #
  • Figures, I install new plugin to help with gallery and it has issues. Guess waiting for update. Hope it's soon! #
  • Time for bed; tired and obvious not going to get much else done! #

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2008 Fall Cleanup

[singlepic id=88 w=320 h=240 float=left]At times it’s hard to get all the kids involved in an activity, so it’s a rare treat to see them all engaged in trying to clean the yard before winter.  What made it even more special for the kids was their Grandpa Peterson (Kara’s dad) making a rare appearance and helping them out.  If you notice in the images, my youngest daughters are probably getting the better end of the deal.  Before anyone cries foul, all the kids were thanked, hugged and fed a fantastic barbeque that Kara prepared while they were working!  Does it get any better than that?  I don’t think so.

If memory serves, I remember being lucky to get a grilled cheese after spending all day raking leaves as a youth.  I swear sometimes that yard must have been set aside as a national park!

I hope you enjoy the images!

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