Catching Up!

I apologize for not keeping up. I’ve been spending most of my time on DoddemaGen and the USS Riverside updating, overhauling, and just plain administering that I haven’t been having fun doing it. I recently received help from a new friend of mine, Assistanc3 (username). He’s an amazing graphic artist, CSS/HTML/PHP guru, and all around smart time. Nice thing is the guy literally doesn’t sleep for days on end. Why is that nice? He gets loads done! Continue reading

Header updated

dKret2 is perhaps my favorite theme of all time. It’s what you see every day that you visit this site. The built-in support for popular plugins, the customer service, the constant attention to detail make it a worthwhile theme in every possible sense. The the author added something else: the ability to add your own touches to it…basically your own skin.

Today was the first step taken to make our own skin using the dKret2 theme. My good friend, KimberleyJo, made this header in about 10-15 minutes on an old Win98 machine. She works miracles. So many thanks to her. Over the next several days, we’re going to see more changes as our skin progresses. The majority of the changes have to do with styles. I want this theme to look classic, elegant, an Old-World feel. I’m going to incorporate some styles from other themes that are available today and I believe we’re going to come up with something entirely unique, something we can call our own.

If you know anything about HTML or CSS and are willing to volunteer your time to help in this endeavor, please contact me! I’ll take all the help I can get.

More than Meets the Eye?

I loved Transformers. I don’t care that I was a teenager and I was playing with toys. I had a job, I made my own money and on payday, I went to the local store and bought another Transformer. It was a small store and so the selection wasn’t that great. I remember being ticked off because they didn’t have my favorites but I didn’t give up. My parents bought me Starscream for my birthday and I purchased Bumblebee, the microscope dude, Prowl, and a few others. Continue reading