Big Boom!

We were eating dinner last night when we heard two huge booms shake the house.  We looked around the house and finally spotted lots of smoke coming from around the back of our house; probably about two blocks away.  I guess somebody was making firecrackers in his home when they went off.  He’s suffering severe burns over 75% of his body.

It’s always amazing how stupid people are.  According to the local newspaper, people thought it was OK to drive from across town to see what was going on.  C’mon!  What….you honestly expect me to believe you’re there to help?  If you want to know what’s going on, turn on the TV (of course, it didn’t show up until the ten o’clock news but still).  Cars were backed up so they all could get a front row seat to the show.  Disgusting.  I would love it if the cops started handing out tickets to all these people.  Maybe the proceeds could go to helping the guy with his medical bills.

For more of the story, go to Explosion

Testing Gallery2

It’s another test…this one between galleries. I’ve been having trouble getting Gallery2 to look decent within dKret2. So until I figure it out, I’ll continue to work with both until I make a decision either way.


Is Spring here to stay?

That the question I believe we’re all asking ourselves now. Fortunately, it appears that spring is finally taking hold here in Missoula, MT. I awoke this morning to a very nice 60 degrees–that’s unusual in March. It’s been a light rain throughout the day and I’ve been able to notice several rainbows as well. I just love rainbows so I decided to take some pictures and while I was at it, I took some pictures of the new place we’re renting and like to call home. Hope you enjoy them!


How Fast are You?

I’m researching Photoshop tutorials so I can change these headers and I stumbled across this cool little tool. It graphically represents download/upload speeds….very pretty! Plus, it shows how pathetic my wireless is. I’ll have to try this service using my main computer.

Laptop/wireless/cable modem

Main system/cable modem

gathering ground for our families