Is Spring here to stay?

That the question I believe we’re all asking ourselves now. Fortunately, it appears that spring is finally taking hold here in Missoula, MT. I awoke this morning to a very nice 60 degrees–that’s unusual in March. It’s been a light rain throughout the day and I’ve been able to notice several rainbows as well. I just love rainbows so I decided to take some pictures and while I was at it, I took some pictures of the new place we’re renting and like to call home. Hope you enjoy them!


How Fast are You?

I’m researching Photoshop tutorials so I can change these headers and I stumbled across this cool little tool. It graphically represents download/upload speeds….very pretty! Plus, it shows how pathetic my wireless is. I’ll have to try this service using my main computer.

Laptop/wireless/cable modem

Main system/cable modem

Getting ready for the big time!

I’m mentally preparing myself for the big overhaul at my main site: DoddemaGen. I’ll be upgrading WP to the latest and greatest 2.1.2 as well as switching themes. At this point, I think I’m going to continue to use dKret2 just because it is so easy to use and really requires little modification. It’s clean and I can have that 3-column look that I like if I desire.

Now I just require a change in graphics. I’m still trying to learn how to use the graphics software that I have so until then, grass might be the only header available. Anyways, should have everything done by tonight if all goes well.

I am currently at a dilemma regarding what I should use for a gallery. dKret2 utilizes myGallery while my site currently uses Gallery2. I haven’t seen much of myGallery and it is mostly a German site but the people over at dKret2 are very helpful. We’ll see how hard it is to modify G2 to work with the theme. If so, I’ll make myGallery work, especially since that piece of software doesn’t appear to have the troubles making lightbox/thickbox work. Time will tell.

Until next time, true believers.