After holiday labors

Whew!  It came fast and left even faster.  Before I knew it, the whole season had passed me by.  I’m still trying to get posts written, pictures uploaded with titles and descriptions, etc.  I did add a poll that really should say it all.

I’m hoping that Kavan and Sarah will take advantage of this forum to keep everybody updated.  I think I mentioned it enough during their short visit today!  :)  OK, maybe I shouldn’t do my own advertising!  Anyways, be patient and more will be posted in the next couple days.

Over the river and though the woods…

…to Grandmother’s house we go.  That’s right, for the next few days, the Doddema family will be staying at my parent’s house in Trout Creek, MT.  It’s only about 2 1/2 hours away, but I haven’t been there in about a year since it’s been hard for me to ride in a vehicle for any length of time.  My parents are making it somewhat easier by getting my family a motel room so I can relax when needed.

I’ll try to keep things updated while I’m gone.  I’ll be taking loads of pictures so be prepared for when I return.

Let it Snow!

This is a special time of year, where our hearts are filling with merriment. One way of expressing that joy is to link on this site and create your personalized snowflake. SnowDays donates a certain amount of money to the Salvation Army for every snowflake made. So far there’s over 3 million snowflakes made and they’ve donated $4000.00 to this cause. You can even print out the snowflake you’ve made. It’s incredible to see all the unique snowflakes made. I love this site because it gives my family an opportunity to spread some cheer and help warm the hearts of those who need it as well.

~Merry Christmas

Josiah ordained a deacon

Josiah has reached that turning point in his life, a major milestone. He finished working on his Faith in God booklet and was found worthy to hold the Aaronic Priesthood . I may have been in lots of pain, but I was there and fortunate enough to ordain him.

I know many people that aren’t familiar with our faith find it amazing that a young man of 12 can hold the office while others wait the majority of their lives before they can attain such a title. For those that are interested in what a deacon is and their responsibilities, please refer to this article, “The Role of a Deacon” found in the New Era, May 1974, p.8

Congrats, Josiah. You deserve it!

Unfortunately, we learned late last night that he would be set apart today so we didn’t have lots of time to invite family to attend. Many apologies, we would have loved for you to be there.

Exclusive — New Photos!

Believe it or not, people do read this! Eltje and Geesjen Doddema, my cousin and his wife, reside in the Netherlands. They’ve helped me many times put together our family history. I wouldn’t have gotten so far without their help. Today, they’ve graciously sent me some photos that I’ve added to their very own album in the gallery so please check it out. I’m also adding the pictures in the post.

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gathering ground for our families