Josiah ordained a deacon

Josiah has reached that turning point in his life, a major milestone. He finished working on his Faith in God booklet and was found worthy to hold the Aaronic Priesthood . I may have been in lots of pain, but I was there and fortunate enough to ordain him.

I know many people that aren’t familiar with our faith find it amazing that a young man of 12 can hold the office while others wait the majority of their lives before they can attain such a title. For those that are interested in what a deacon is and their responsibilities, please refer to this article, “The Role of a Deacon” found in the New Era, May 1974, p.8

Congrats, Josiah. You deserve it!

Unfortunately, we learned late last night that he would be set apart today so we didn’t have lots of time to invite family to attend. Many apologies, we would have loved for you to be there.

Exclusive — New Photos!

Believe it or not, people do read this! Eltje and Geesjen Doddema, my cousin and his wife, reside in the Netherlands. They’ve helped me many times put together our family history. I wouldn’t have gotten so far without their help. Today, they’ve graciously sent me some photos that I’ve added to their very own album in the gallery so please check it out. I’m also adding the pictures in the post.

22962290 2293

That Lightbox Thingy

While you may not know what Lightbox is, you’ve definitely seen it on this site. It’s that cool little thing where when you click on one of the pics in the post and it get all big and pretty. Well, it’s seems to be having some hiccups lately and I’m working to resolve the issue. I’ll keep you updated.

I should also be uploading more photos this upcoming weekend. Most are scanned images from my childhood. Why not, that’s what a gallery is for, isn’t it?

Have a great day!  :grin:

A Star Trek Christmas

Most people who know me know that I love Star Trek. If you didn’t, now you do! I’ve been collecting the Hallmark ships for a few years now but have never added them to the tree…until now! Wal-Mart was having a sale on a pre-lit, 3 ft tree and I can’t resist a deal like that. So, true believers, here is what a Trek Christmas looks like:

2145 2148 2151 2154 2163 2160 2166

Family Tree expanded

The genealogy bug has bitten me again. I’ve spent the better part of the day updating the family tree database, modifying files and adding new Doddema’s and other family members to the mix. Loads of fun! I added probably about 50 individuals today with the help of a wonderful website: Genlias. I think I’ve mentioned it before and if I have…good for me. It’s amazing.   Continue reading