Janna Dodde – need more info

Here’s the information that I’ve found on the following website: http://home.quicknet.nl/qn/prive/akruizinga/Kwartierstaat/index.htm

Derk Meijer, geb. te Muntendam 3 mei 1925, ovl. te Veendam 28 dec 1976, begr. te Veendam, Buitenwoelhof met: Janna Dodde, geb. 27 apr 1922, ovl. 9 aug 1992, begr. te Veendam, Buitenwoelhof

Any help regarding Janna Dodde ie who her parents were, etc. would be appreciated.



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I’ll be turning my attention next to adding integration with Gallery2. I’ve used this before with Joomla and although it’s not the easiest program to use, it’s one of the better ones and appears to have lots of assistance in making it work with WordPress. For me, that’s important. Nothing I hate more than installing something and finding out there’s no support for it.
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Testing continues

Believe it or not, I’m testing this as I go. I’ve spent the last few days pouring over web page and sites that deal with WordPress and the many plugins that are available. There’s lots! That doesn’t slow me down, no sirree! I’m a trooper or more like a bulldog that just won’t let go. Some see it as a strength, others as a weakness. Me, I’m just stubborn. Continue reading

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