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Looking for Hindrikje Bekkering birth info

Hindrikje Bekkering was born about 1827 in Veendam, Groningen, Netherlands.  She is the daughter of Frans Friedrichs (or Frederiks) Bekkering and Elsjen Willems Sijtses (or Turk).  Her parents were married 30 Nov 1826 in Zuidbroek.  Hindrikje later married Geert Dodde on 20 Nov 1852 in Veendam.  She died 22 Nov 1900 in Kibbelgaarn.

Would anyone be able to me find her birth information?  I’ve check Genlias and Allegroningers but haven’t found anything as of yet.

Looking forward hearing from you!


Vogel Center Cemetery fun facts

There are times when researching can actually be fun.  Sure, I love finding out names, birth dates, etc. but genealogy is so much more.  Today was just one of those fun times.

Believe it or not, it all started with me updating my  new gallery.  I’m trying to move everything over to nextgen gallery (a WordPress plugin) and was adding descriptions so I had to open up RootsMagic v4 to get the information that I needed.  Since I just switched from Legacy to RootsMagic, I’m still trying to learn everything available to me.  One is adding the GPS coordinates just not for the place name but the place detail. Continue reading

The Story of Anje Jans

The year is 1745.

Jean Jacques Rousseau is 33 years old, Voltaire is 51, Carl Linnaeus 38 and Benjamin Franklin 39.  The author of Gulliver’s travels, Jonathan Swift died.  In England king George II ruled. Bonnie Prince Charley came to Scotland to claim the English throne, but was defeated at Culloden the year after. In France king Louis XV sat on the throne, in Austria empress Maria Theresia and in Germany the philosopher-king Fredrick II.  In the United Dutch Republics the people called for a prince of Orange-Nassau, who was invited to become the ‘stadtholder’ under the name of Willem IV in 1747. Continue reading

Genealogy Update – 31 Jan 2009

Finally uploaded all the names that Tjerk and Ronald Doddema sent me.

  • Previous
    • Individuals: 3948
    • Families:       1667
  • Current:
    • Individuals: 3969
    • Families:       1679

This comes out to an additional 21 individuals and 12 families.

A big thanks goes to them.

If you find any errors or would like to contribute to the DoddemaGen project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Found Shirley Dodde-Brown

I haven’t opened my email for the last couple days and for that I apologize (I need to start that World of Warcraft Anonymous group that I was talking about a while ago).  Fortunately, I opened it today and was pleasantly surprised and ecstatic to find that a family member found our site and contacted me.  This a big deal for me.  Most of the information on this site has been gathered due to the work provided by those that found this site on the Internet.

Here’s the contents of the email:

Good Morning,

I stumbled on your site by accident-I had no idea that there was anything out there on our family.  I started looking around a few years ago and contacted someone in the Netherlands and was going to continue, but life got in the way.

Anyway, you’ve got some awesome work going here?  I want to spend more time looking around.

I am the daughter of Harm and the grand-daughter of Dries and Johanna and the great grand-daughter of Drees and Altja (sp).  Where do you come in?

I just spent a couple of hours with Ray Dykhouse this week.  He has been researching his Dykhouse roots and has some great pictures, a few of them were Doddes.

He is the son of Drice Dykhouse who is the son of Emma Dodde who is the sister of my grandfather Dries.

If you get some time let me know a little about you?  Meantime thanks again for the work you’ve done.

Happy Saturday!  Gotta get the walking shoes on, there are five mile of pavement to hit before I start my day.


Welcome Shirley!  I look forward to working with you and would love to learn more about your family.

(I’ve had this post saved since 12 July 2008.  Finally getting around to posting.)