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Welcome Henk Doddema

I first met Henk when researching the Doddema name about 4-5 years ago.  He had already done some great research and willingly passed along the information that he had put together.  Shortly thereafter, DoddemaGen became a reality.

He does volunteer work in Africa.  What exactly I’ll leave to him.  Maybe he can write that in a post someday (hint, hint  :) ).

All’s I know for certain is that I’m honored that he’s joined DoddemaGen.  I respect the work that he’s already done and hopefully the work that will continue to be done for our ancestors.  They’re the ones that this site is dedicated to, those that have done so much to bring us this far.

I invite all Doddema/Dodde’s to join in.  Share your stories, both of now and “back then”.  While there may be a language barrier between us, we are still family.  I look forward to working with all of you.

Found: Another Dodde line

I’m ecstatic.  Another family member has contacted me with information regarding our shared ancestry.  Haijo Dodde emailed me a little while back with some information and images.  As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t speak Dutch so I wrote Haijo back asking for a translation.

He responded back today with loads of information for our enjoyment.  A big thanks goes to Haijo and his family.  That’s right, Haijo is the proud father of three; the youngest just being born in Nov 2007.

Following is an excerpt from what he wrote to me.  I hope he doesn’t mind.

Through Google I noticed your website and I think it’s very interesting to look at the family tree of the Doddema’s/Dodde’s. My name is Haijo Dodde (1964). In the family tree my granddad is mentioned (also Haijo Dodde, born 1894 in Meeden, son of Hiltjo Dodde, born 1863 in Veendam). Maybe in the future I can send you more information for the family tree. By the way, I’m father of three kids. The last one is called Sam Dodde, he was born on November 18 2007, so maybe he’s the youngest member at this moment of our big family.

The documents I send you last time are pictures of the book of marriage from my grandparents (Haijo Dodde-Gerhardina Prins), child nr. 6 (Hiltjo Kasper) was my dad.

Greetings from Holland,

Haijo Dodde

Genealogy update

Lately I’ve been receiving lots of request to update information regarding family history. I’m trying to catch up on my backlog. (I’ll make a post explaining my absence in a couple days.) The two that I focused on today are the revisions provided by Aaldrik Doddema and Emmett Kadwell. The changes have been made and I’d like to thank them for their contribution.

Any information that people have will be greatly appreciated. Emmett went the extra mile today and provided both birth and death certificate. That’s simply awesome. Kudos to you both.

Statistics on family file:

  • Individuals: 3522
  • Families: 1515
  • Additions since last revision:
    • 36 individuals
    • 19 families

More about Dodde

A few days ago, Jennifer Dodde responded to my email. I was ecstatic. Why? Not only is she going to provide factual information such as dates and places but share her memories of her family. That’s been the purpose of this site all along!

It’s just not the dates that are important but the sharing of memories of who these great people were/are. Whether farmers, police, or the common worker, Dodde(ma) have had an influence on everybody around them. What they lacked in material wealth they more than made up for it in strength of character, loyalty, and friendships that never die.

I’d like to share one of the things that Jennifer said to me that really shows what DoddemaGen is about:

I agree that it is neat to know what your relatives might be doing. When I was thinking about Grandpa, I thought it was such a shame that eventually he will be known only be his name and dates. People won’t know that his grand-daughter loves him so much and wishes that he could be happier in his old age. They won’t know that he used to have the best corn-on-the-cob barbecues and that I loved it when he teased me. Maybe I can start writing up some of my memories to have those to keep.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Jennifer. I think she’s going to have lots to say. In the meantime, you can check out her site at Literate Housewife. I’m also providing a picture that Jennifer sent me. In Jennifer’s own words:


It was taken most likely toward the end of 1977 or Easter of 1978. Grandpa (Egbert) and Grandma (Theressa) are holding my brother Rob, my baby cousin, Brandy, and my sister, Donielle. I am the little girl in the white dress in the bottom row, far left.