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Wordless Wednesday 24 Feb 2010

This really isn’t as wordless as I would like but some background is most likely necessary for these photos especially considering this is for genealogy purposes.

It’s Christmas Day 1994.  I was in the United States Air Force Basic Training Camp at Lackland Air Force Base located outside of San Antonio, Texas.  Our TI (training instructor) was ever so kind enough to let us go to the Base Exchange (BX) so we could buy needed items such as soap, etc.  Several in my flight knew about the little photo booth located there so we all made notecards for our loved ones since we weren’t allowed to make phone calls at that time.

I think the photos themselves describe how I was feeling that day; being gone from my wife of only a year and our newborn son, only 3 months old.

The Story of Anje Jans

The year is 1745.

Jean Jacques Rousseau is 33 years old, Voltaire is 51, Carl Linnaeus 38 and Benjamin Franklin 39.  The author of Gulliver’s travels, Jonathan Swift died.  In England king George II ruled. Bonnie Prince Charley came to Scotland to claim the English throne, but was defeated at Culloden the year after. In France king Louis XV sat on the throne, in Austria empress Maria Theresia and in Germany the philosopher-king Fredrick II.  In the United Dutch Republics the people called for a prince of Orange-Nassau, who was invited to become the ‘stadtholder’ under the name of Willem IV in 1747. Continue reading

Genealogy Update – 31 Jan 2009

Finally uploaded all the names that Tjerk and Ronald Doddema sent me.

  • Previous
    • Individuals: 3948
    • Families:       1667
  • Current:
    • Individuals: 3969
    • Families:       1679

This comes out to an additional 21 individuals and 12 families.

A big thanks goes to them.

If you find any errors or would like to contribute to the DoddemaGen project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.