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Pieter Doddema (1946-2009)

On 18 January 2009, Pieter Doddema, son of Pieter Doddema and Grietje Tonkens, passed away at age 62.  I’m awaiting more information from his daughter Dievertje when she feels up to it.  I don’t want to give too much detail without the families wishes.

I do want to say that Pieter Doddema was the one of the reasons that DoddemaGen got off the ground.  He was one of the first Doddema’s that contacted me about our shared genealogy (Dievertje and I are 5th cousins).  Within a day, my database grew by hundreds.  I not only had names and dates but images of the records.  He constantly was going to the archives to learn more about his ancestry, painstakingly translating records that were over a 100 years old.

He’s my genealogy hero and I’m sorry that he was taken from us so early in his life.  My deepest condolences to his family.  We grieve with thee.

Welcome Belgium Doddemas!

Recently I joined Facebook to give DoddemaGen greater exposure and let’s admit it, I need help.  The flow of information coming my way is starting to slow way down.  That’s where Facebook comes in.  I immediately noticed that there was not just one Doddema but many, many Doddema’s out there!  An untapped resource.  I’ve already made many contacts and my greatest find and admittedly joy comes from, of all places, Belgium!  While some of us headed west to the United States, there are those that headed east….

My newest family members are Ronald and his father, Tjerk.  Tjerk’s parents and children emigrated to Belgium in May of 1957.  That’s a story I’d like to hear!  Although Tjerk doesn’t speak English, Ronald has been translating our correspondence.  Within a couple days, Tjerk sent me this message full of genealogy – 4 generations worth.  My head is already spinning.

Why?  There’s names that I’ve never seen before! I have Ronald’s great grandfather in my database but never any of Jakob Doddema‘s (1888-1979) children.  Tjerk takes it a little further back with the Jakob’s own grandfather, Geert Hinderks Doddema (1831-1908).  While I thought I had this completed…Tjerk and Ronald hand me some more names that weren’t in the Genlias database, which is understandable since it takes time to add records.

I’ll be adding the message to the forum for further research in another post.

At this point, I just want to thank Tjerk and Ronald for their help!  Without them, I wouldn’t be able to put all this together.

For those of you interested, how are we related?  Ronald’s great grandfather, Jakob Doddema and my grandfather, Tammo Doddema were 4th cousins.  Small world indeed.

Welcome Jan Doddema

This week I received an email from my 6th cousin once removed, Jan Doddema.  If I’m right, he’s also the father of Harry Doddema, one of my heroes for having the most comprehensive Star Trek website but I digress.

I’d share his email with you but alas, it contains living information and that’s a road I just will not take.  It will be posted to forum’s living section which is locked to all but members.

Thanks Jan for your help.  The DoddemaGen project marches on!

Found–lots of Doddemas!

I would like to welcome some new Doddemas to DoddemaGen:

  • Vincent
  • Ronald
  • Wim
  • Bianca
  • Johanna
  • Karin
  • Christian
  • Jan

I met them on Facebook and the Dutch version called Hyve.  A few have been helpful, a few hesitant but overall everybody wants to contribute in one way or another.  Most of the information received so far has been corrections to what I already have.  Nice!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to contact more as time goes on.  The language barrier makes it a little more difficult but thank goodness for online translator tools.

Again, welcome.  Please feel free to post in the forum your family stories, recipes or just plain getting to know each other.  If you’d like to submit information, please leave me a message or a forum post.

Found – Geert Jan Doddema

I just love finding our relatives or in this instance…they find me.  I guess people actually do look at this website!  There were a few issues with dates and again had a relative listed as deceased which was false.

It appears one of my sources has errorneous information so I’ll need to really look at what else was submitted by him as at this point it’s somewhat questionable but I digress.

I’d like to officially welcome my 6th. cousin, once removed, Geert Jan Doddema to our worldwide family and DoddemaGen.