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Searching for Ellie Doddema

Legacy.com has a death record for Ellie Doddema.  Nowhere in my research do I find this name?  Anybody?

Here is the available information:

  • Birth: 9 Feb 1912
  • Death: 27 Mar 1913
  • Cemetery: Lincoln Township
  • Level info: Grundy County Iowa Grave Records

On a sidenote, all genealogy forums have been open to limited guest access for those without registration to allow for more participation in the forum.

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Welcome Henk Doddema

I first met Henk when researching the Doddema name about 4-5 years ago.  He had already done some great research and willingly passed along the information that he had put together.  Shortly thereafter, DoddemaGen became a reality.

He does volunteer work in Africa.  What exactly I’ll leave to him.  Maybe he can write that in a post someday (hint, hint  :) ).

All’s I know for certain is that I’m honored that he’s joined DoddemaGen.  I respect the work that he’s already done and hopefully the work that will continue to be done for our ancestors.  They’re the ones that this site is dedicated to, those that have done so much to bring us this far.

I invite all Doddema/Dodde’s to join in.  Share your stories, both of now and “back then”.  While there may be a language barrier between us, we are still family.  I look forward to working with all of you.

Found Nico Ros

This is another email that I received through the website.  DoddemaGen must be more popular than I thought!

With her permission, the email reads:

I am a grandson of Jantina Doddema (born: 2-11-1900). I can tell you that she was married with Roelof Ros. She died at the age of 73 on 27 april 1974. She is buried at the cemetary in Wildervank (the Netherlands). Her parents Steven Doddema and Aaltje Bosscher are also buried there.

I have a picture of around 1917 of them with their 5 daughters.I have several old pictures of mij great-grandparents and their daughters.

Greetings Nico Ros.

I’m really excited to hear that our family is looking for more information on one another.  Hopefully this site will become a focal point and a central repository of information, news and such for the Doddema’s as I envision.  I’m looking forward to the future of DoddemaGen!  Exciting times are ahead.

Welcome Nico.  We hope to hear more from you!

Where’s the Doddema?

Sort of like Where’s Waldo but with a Doddema twist.  Looking for a certain Doddema….list it here.  Hopefully, people will write in and share what they know.

To kick it off, here’s the lucky ones we’re looking for.

Where’s Jared and Jillian Doddema?

From doing Google search, it appears that in 1999 Jared was a sophomore at Iowa State University (ISU) studying horticulture.  In 1997, Jillian Doddema finished 6th in the 800 meter run for Central Missouri.

So, let’s help find these missing relatives!