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Summer Time video

I thought I’d add something fun. It’s been frightfully hot here for the past month…surprisingly so. We’ve been in the high 90’s and low 100’s for the past 3 weeks with no break and no rain. It’s insane weather. Fortunately, we haven’t had to start rationing water and that’s where this picture comes in.

There are just times where enough is enough and my girls had had it. Too hot and access to a sprinkler. Enough said! Enjoy!


Another Doddema Found!

I’m a big Star Trek fan.  So big I’m a member of Starfleet International and belong to the USS Riverside chapter.  Currently, I’m the administrator there and still trying to make us the best website/chapter in the ‘fleet!  While researching some different possibilities, I discovered a new Doddema–Harry Doddema from Memory-Alpha, one of the premier Star Trek sites available today.

I contacted Harry and was able to get some information from him.  The family has given most of their information to Henk Doddema so I can’t wait until he returns from Africa so we can collaborate.  At that point, you should notice a big increase in names at DoddemaGen.  The guy has been doing research much longer than I have.

So if you like Star Trek, check out Harry’s site.  Harry, welcome to our global family!