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Welcome Berend & Diens Doddema

Welcome to DoddemaGen.  For those that don’t know, Berend is the son of Wiert Doddema (brother of my grandfather, Tammo Doddema).  Our online family continues to grow.  Hopefully, all the Doddema’s will soon know of this site and work together to fill the gaps in our family history.

If anybody has any questions, please let me know by either emailing me using the contact form or doddemagen (at) gmail.


Dear Doddema’s

Last year cousin Bernard discovered Eltje and Geesjen. He has asked them a lot of questions about the family. But I am a little bit disappointed, because I am a familymember too and nobody asked about me. So I am going to introduce myself.


My name is Joiya. I am 5 years old and I am a beagle. I am proud to say that I meet all requirements of my breed. For those of you who don’t know what that means: I am very selfwilled, I like to follow my own nose, I am very fond of food and I like to cuddle up on my masters lap whenever he lays in his lazy chair.Eltje en Geesjen are very enthusiast about their newfound family. So I am too, imagine all the bones I can get when you all come to visit me.

Next time I’ll tell you something more about my days. For now I friendly wag my tail.


Christmas with the Doddema’s

Explore Strange New Worlds-Day One–We left for my parents on December 23rd. We figured with the possibility of us moving in a few months that we would spend a little extra time with family. The trip normally takes around 2 1/2 hours, depending on bathroom breaks, fights, etc.. Regardless of the season, it’s a beautiful drive through the mountains. We finally arrived in Trout Creek, Montana at the Trout Creek Motel where my parents had graciously lodged us for the next couple of night. The outside had been totally redone, giving it a rustic, outdoorsy look. Although the inside was pretty standard for a motel, what really made it appealing was that the manager had made my family a plate of home-made goodies–from cookies, fudge, etc. There was something with chocolate and coconut and that’s all I seem to be able to remember for a few moments. Along with the goodies was a Christmas card. Now that’s cool!


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Over the river and though the woods…

…to Grandmother’s house we go.  That’s right, for the next few days, the Doddema family will be staying at my parent’s house in Trout Creek, MT.  It’s only about 2 1/2 hours away, but I haven’t been there in about a year since it’s been hard for me to ride in a vehicle for any length of time.  My parents are making it somewhat easier by getting my family a motel room so I can relax when needed.

I’ll try to keep things updated while I’m gone.  I’ll be taking loads of pictures so be prepared for when I return.

Family Tree expanded

The genealogy bug has bitten me again. I’ve spent the better part of the day updating the family tree database, modifying files and adding new Doddema’s and other family members to the mix. Loads of fun! I added probably about 50 individuals today with the help of a wonderful website: Genlias. I think I’ve mentioned it before and if I have…good for me. It’s amazing.   Continue reading