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Maria Doddema (McGinty) (1925-2010)

Maria Doddema (McGinty) passed away on February 5, 2010.  Her daughter, Holly McGinty Kling provides the eulogy below:

February 17, 2010
Dear Mom
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Dear Mom,

I’m certainly going to miss you.  I can’t believe you’re really gone.  You’ll always live in my heart and I’ll always have the memories. I will always have you in my life, you will be right beside me, even if I can’t see you.  I consider myself to be a lucky woman,  as I had your love for 55 years.  Some daughters aren’t that fortunate to have that love or to have their mothers as long as I did.  What gives me comfort is that you passed away knowing how much your two grown daughters loved you. You knew how much your only granddaughter loved you and how proud you were of her with her aspirations of being a nurse anestheist.  I’m glad that we were all by your side so you wouldn’t be scared. Damn this is so difficult to write when tears are blurring my vision.
For those of you who didn’t know my mom, let me tell you a little about her life. Continue reading