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Gedcom update-3/26/2013

It’s been almost 4 months since my last gedcom update.  I didn’t take the time to compute how many documents or individuals were added but I can honestly say, it was not a small amount.  I plan on making gedcom updates monthly to reflect my work.

The main reason it’s taking more time is I’m also reconciling my records with the new FamilySearch FamilyTree as well as combining the many duplicate records that are out there…and there are many.  Some individuals had more than 6 records!  It takes a lot of work combining these records as well as adding all my sources as well.

Why do all this work?  I spend alot of my time working on this project.  It’s one of my life goals (besides being the best husband and father that I can be!) to have as complete a family history as possible, not just for myself but for later generations!  I try to be as thorough as I can.  Heck, I’m still learning and fixing mistakes I’ve made myself in the past 20 years.  Family history is a continual learning curve.  Take that and add all the FamilySearch submissions and you have a handful!

By taking the time now, adding my sources and reasons why I believe my information is the most correct should ensure less mistakes in the future.

How can you help?  Be patient as I work.  Pray for me.  Ask questions!  Send more information my way including photos of significant events.

2011 Goals

Normally I don’t keep resolutions.  I don’t like setting myself up for a possible failure.  It’s worked well for me in the past but not so much anymore.  I started writing my goals Monday (27 December 2010) after reading Amy Coffin’s post regarding her blogging buddy and their upcoming resolutions.  Since Monday’s post by Amy, I read other genealogist’s goals and was amazed at the thought that went into their resolutions.  They actually made sense!

I may be proud but I’m not stupid.  I know a good idea when I see one.  I still have some questions and I may flounder a little but, luckily, I can turn to some awesome genealogists.

Resources to use:

Sorting Saturday – Digital Surname Sorting
Sorting Saturday – Hard Drive Organization
First Things First: The Historian Needs Organizing – based on comments (thanks to Michelle Goodrum), check the following
Tuesday’s Tips: Organizing Your Digital Files and related posts on same blog
Family History Genealogy Made Easy – episode 32 & 33  on hard drive organization
Organize Your Hard Drive – a YouTube video from Family Tree Magazine
Modifying Dropbox for Genealogists

Research Goals:

  • Find evidence of frank demereck (demereckis) and spouse
    • Include death certificates, birth and marriage information

Organization Goal:

  • Organize files and folders following myrt’s system including images
  • Use tags and other metadata
  • Develop system of tags (premade)
  • Make sample folders for easy template-copy and rename
  • Redo all legacy sources to rootsmagic

Backup Goal:

  • Use Dropbox as suggested by myrt
  • Use external drive to make copy of everything
  • Keep external gedcom updated (doddemagen.com/tng)

DoddemaGen Goals:

  • Blog at least 2x/wk regardless if use meme
  • Blog as I research; tell obstacles, successes, etc
  • Use blog and forum for correspondence (source documentation)
  • Still debating the age-old question: how to handle galleries?  Flickr or just use WordPress plugins to display?
  • Keep TNG updated with latest gedcom, images, documents

Personal goals:

  • Daily prayer
  • Daily scripture reading
  • Start writing in my journal again
  • Use RSS Reader to view current posts and/or articles (view nightly instead of first thing in the morning)